Since there is no comparison between cell foam and ChannalBAC, let's look at the differences in their composition and how they work.

Cross Section of Cellular Foam Cellular foam cushions are formed by encapsulating pockets of air in an elastomeric membrane resulting in micro balloons which, in-turn, create the cushioning properties. We all know what happens when excessive pressure is applied to a balloon... it BURSTS! The same thing happens with the cell foam you currently use. That is why it fatigues during use and requires constant monitoring, adjustments, and even replacement on long runs.

Cross Section of ChannelBac ChannalBAC, on the other hand, completely separates its air and elastomeric components by forming solid elastomeric channels separated by channels of air within its membrane. The result is a cushion that out performs cellular cushions in all aspects.

ChannalBAC is based on a commonly known theory in physics known as "The Path of Least Resistance." The theory states "The path of least resistance describes the physical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object, among a set of alternative paths."

As impression increases, resistance builds at the plate's surface, causing the solid elastomeric channels to displace. This displacement follows the path of least resistance, resulting in the movement of the elastomer across the cylinder's rotational direction. This in turn, allows you to replicate any density cell-foam "just by changing impression". Don't worry, even if you significantly over impress ChannalBAC, it does not change gauge, resistance or resilience since there is no encapsulated balloons to break.

A displacement cushion is spring-like in the way it builds its cushioning properties. The more it is compressed, the greater the resistance at the plate's surface. Conversely, cellular foam cushions are more like an air mattress. The air compresses and the encapsulating walls flex, but it does not build resistance in the same manner. That's why ChannalBAC produces pinhole free solids and low dot gain!

Both Newsprint and Packaging customers consistently report a significant improvement in print fidelity and operating efficiencies.

ChannalBAC's patented design and specially engineered elastomer makes the product "CRUSH-PROOF." WE GUARANTEE IT!