Controlled Displacement Cushioning is Our Business.

Controlled Displacement Technologies, "CDT", established in 2006, has developed the world's first alternative to cellular foam. CDT's proprietary technology has been granted both US and international patent protection.

Under the brand name "ChannalBAC™", CDT introduced its first product to the Flexo Newsprint Industry in 2007. In the fourth quarter of 2009, our second commercial product was introduced to the wide web Flexo Packaging Industry.

Moving forward, CDT is committed to accelerating our investment in R&D expanding our product portfolio to include additional gauges and forms, throughout multiple Flexo Market segments.

CDT's proprietary manufacturing process, combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, will allow us to adapt Controlled Displacement Technology throughout the printing industryand also address the cushioning, dampening, and shock absorbing needs of the automotive, aerospace, electronic, and endless other markets.